About me

I have always loved dogs since my childhood and our family constantly had a dog member.

I got my first havanese, Petravári Longfür Zenon in 2001. At that time he was 5 months old, and already had been to shows. I was thrilled by the atmosphere of dog shows and - since I had been doing sports competitively before - I thought I finally found the sport which you can do at any age.

So I started going to shows and won Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Grand Champion and 2-times Dog of the Year awards with Zenon. Zenon became a very good covering male, so I brought a female to the house: Salemi Rainbow. My kennel only consisted of this pair because I only consider breeding a hobby.

At present day, they are in their happy retired years and try to keep the peace and order among the new family members who came to our house in the meantime